Thursday, October 6, 2016

Blogging, Podcasting, and websites Ohh my!!

And maybe a bear or two since we live in Wyoming afterall.

Yesterday I went to Casper to speak on a panel about using the Internet to get across a message at the Wyoming Governor's Council Against Impaired Driving. Prior to this event, the largest crowd I spoke infront of was when I got married. It was a great event though, with people truly interested in how to get their message out more effectively across several media outlets. On the panel with me, were representatives from Radio, Print, TV, and the head of the Wyoming Public Radio Station. Certainly, it was interesting to have a peon like me on a panel of people that represent leaders of these other industries in our state.

Overall, since I enjoy social networking, I liked the opportunity to go and discuss this. Speaking to State Legislators, City Council members, leaders of organizations like MADD was certainly a new and enjoyable experience for me.

Afterwards, I met up with another client in Casper for a CRM application they would like to build. It was an interesting experience. At first their IT department was very stand offish against me, but their concerns were eased once I gave them a little background about myself. In the end, they want us to build something that works similar to M$ CRM that integrates into Outlook, but they don't want to pay the licensing fees to M$. *sigh* I'm more then happy to build them such an application, but I doubt I'll be able to bring it into a budget range that will satisfy them. Anyways, keep an eye out for this in my blog, because if we do move forward, I'm sure I'll be trying new things since this will be a Windows Application, not Web.

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