Thursday, October 6, 2016

So easy, even a caveman can do it!

One of the things we most often develop for our customers are Content Management Consoles, so that they can manage the content on their website. Fairly standard, easy to implement, but most of the time, not very flexible.

Most of the time, our users are happy with what we provide them. But as the competition around us heats up, we find ourselves trying to build upon this, so that they can do more and more. But at the same time, keep the balance that it's easy for anybody to do. You see, Wyoming tends to be behind the technology curve in many areas, and many of our clients can barely use a computer, let alone write simple HTML. So we find, that if we provide tools, even as simple as the tools that are available on say, this blog site, they can become confused.

Onto another issue... In most cases, we can build a site for a customer that they can control in the same amount of time it takes one of our designers to have the page. So we leave it up to the customer. There is slightly more overhead, as it usually takes a bit of time to get a website setup for administration through CMS. But if we have to do anything in programming at all, it usually becomes a freebie to give them CMS for any given page on their website.

Since I've started this blog, I've gained a few ideas to allow customers to add more flexible content to their site. The question becomes really... is it worth us to add this ability for our customers?

Now that I've made the plunge to .NET 2.0 I think I'll start looking into adding these sort of components. All depends on a customer's site layout, but I think it can be a useful and very sellable tool to them. Right now seems to be a good opportunity for me, as I'm lacking projects to work on. (many things in the fire so to speak, but no hard signed contract with deposits in hand yet)

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